The Animalarm

The Animalarm

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Do you transport your dog in your car or van, vacation in an RV or camper, keep your dog in a kennel or leave him at home while at work?

The Animalarm® sends warning notifications to your cell phone to alert you to the temperature of your vehicle. Don’t let your faithful friend become a tragic statistic!

Download the User Manual for more information.

Product Highlights:

  • Wireless temperature monitoring in any environment
  • One base station and one remote sensor included
  • Remote Sensor provides both temperature and humidity information
    Multiple location monitoring with up to 4 additional remote sensors connected via Bluetooth
  • Notification by text message or email
  • Temperature available on Web Portal, base unit, or polling the unit from your cell phone
  • Remote sensors have two replaceable AAAA battery
  • Base unit replaceable rechargeable battery with USB power adapter and car charger included
  • Choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Settable high and low threshold temperature
  • Uses the latest Internet Of Things (IoT) Machine to Machine (M2M) technology
  • 1 year Product Warranty
  • UK Patent GB2493174, EU Design Registration No. 002156190,
    US Patent Application Nos. 13/688,761 and 29/438,364

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The Animalarm Remote Sensor

Purchase additional remote sensors for your Animalarm.  You can utilize up to five sensors with each Animalarm.  Jump over here to purchase additional remote sensors. Purchase data plans: 1 month plan    6 month plan    1 year plan

How does it work? The remote sensor(s) data is transmitted to the base unit through Bluetooth communication protocol. The range depends on any obstacles between the remote sensor and the base unit. The practical range is about 30-40 feet, without obstacles we have tested the range at 250 feet. Once the remote sensor is paired with the base unit, the remote sensor sends information to the base unit approximately every minute. When the green light on the sensor is blinking, the unit is sending information to the base unit. You can initiate a
send of the remote sensor information at any time by pushing the button under the green indicator light 5 times in rapid succession. The remote sensor will send information as long as it is paired to a base unit. Even if the base unit is out of range the remote sensor will transmit information. In order to stop the transmission of data, the remote sensor must be unpaired from the base unit.
The base unit sends information from all the paired remote sensor(s) to the web portal approximately every 3 minutes. The battery information is sent about every 10 minutes. Battery data is sent less frequently is to increase the time between battery charges. When the portal gets data from the animalarm, it compares the information with the thresholds the user set and sends a message to the user’s phone by text message or sends an email as defined by the user. The user can go to the portal (a web site) at any time to change the threshold settings, see the mast recent temperature, or change the user notification list.

The Animalarm FAQ can be seen here.